Solar Partner can help with general solar, inverter and battery servicing and maintenance - 

  • Moving panels to enable building works 
  • Roof repairs (broken tiles, failed mortar to valleys, verges, hips and ridges)
  • Re-fixing slipped or leaking flashings
  • Replacing defective inverters
  • Removing and replacing broken solar panels
  • Relocating inverters
  • Replacing damaged cables/connectors
  • Replacing missing end clamps
  • Extending rails that are not long enough
  • Removing lichen and algae growth on the solar panels and frames 
  • We also can help with re-roofing works as required

Please speak to us to see if we can help. 

Contact Solar Partner on 07919 686 076.  For maintenance we work within a radius of 30 miles from Milton Keynes.