Solar Partner offers Solar Inspection Reports covering all aspects of a PV and battery storage system.   The report is for prospective home buyers, landlords, facility/building managers, farmers, local authorities etc.  The report covers the following - 

  1. Electrical tests 
  2. Output performance checks
  3. Condition of the system 
  4. Condition of the roof coverings 
  5. Condition of the roof or supporting structure 
  6. Shading issues 
  7. Bird issues 
  8. Labels 
  9. FIT checks
  10. Warranties checks
  11. RCD protection 
  12. Lighting protection 
  13. Monitoring

As solar panel and battery storage becomes an important part of the UK's energy mix, it will be more important to keep PV and battery storage systems in excellent working order, which periodic inspections from Solar Partner will ensure.

Contact Solar Partner on 07919 686 076.  We look forward to providing you with a full report.   We work within a radius of 100 miles from Milton Keynes.