Solar Partner installs commercial, agricultural or residential solar PV system in accordance with MCS regulations.  All works will be undertaken to a high standard.   

This is fully backed up by our references of jobs completed more than 9 years ago that are still performing well.    Solar Partner carries full liability insurance up to £2M for your peace of mind.  

Call Solar Partner on 07919 686 076 for a FREE site inspection/survey.    We install within a 100 miles from Milton Keynes. 

Some examples of the types of mounting systems we use are shown below - 

In-roof systems typically for residential buildings.  The solar panels are in-line with the roof tiles.  A back sheet is behind the panels to prevent water ingress. Advantages or this system are that birds and squirrels can not nest under the panels, however the panels do get very hot in the summer due to the lack of air flow behind the panels. This can reduce performance of the panels.  Suitable for new builds when the roof tiles do not need to be removed.    

Roof hooks - stainless steel roof hooks that fix directing to your roof rafters. Solar Partner always ensures that the hooks do touch the tiles.  This will prevent cracked or broken tiles under the panels.  Advantages of raising the panels over the tiles is that a good flow of air disperses heat and cools the panels in the height of summer.  Also with tiles behind the panels the risk of fire spreading into the the building is lower, than a in-roof system.  Disadvantages, are that birds and squirrels can nest under the panels. Therefore, netting is required that will increase costs.   
Standing seam flat sheet roofs.  This system does not penetration the metal sheet roof.  The rails are clamped onto the standing seam.   Typically for commercial buildings.  

Stainless steel hangar bolts for corrugated roof sheets.  These bolts can be fixed into the steel z purlins or into timber.  Typically profiles sheets are on many agricultural and industrial buildings.  A great deal of care need to be taken.  The sheet are fragile and crawl boards and fall arrest systems must be used together with all precautions of the sheets are asbestos. 

Aluminium frames for flat roof solutions.  The solar panels can be mounted in a portrait or landscape configuration.  This system will require mounting to the roof structure or ballast like paving slabs to weight down. 


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