Solar Partner installs a NEW GivEnergy All in One 13.5 kW battery and Gateway

The benefits of the GivEnergy AIO -

Flexible - 

With the option to connect multiple units, you can scale your energy storage capacity as your needs grow.

Touch-safe -

No messy wires, no hot parts, and no clutter. The All in One is touch-safe for the whole family. 

Modular -

Robust but light with its modular design, the All in One is built with easy handling and fitting in mind.

Long-lasting - 

We use high-capacity, energy-dense cell chemistry that increases the life of your product.

Weatherproof -

Water resistant, installable indoors or outdoors, and durable enough to function between -10 - 55°C. 

Smart -

With inbuilt smart algorithms, the GivEnergy All in One is primed for agile tariffs and smart grid trading.