Your quotation & agreement for solar PV and battery

Have you recently purchased a new electric car or a fleet of electric cars.  

With solar panels your could charge your car(s) during the day so you will reduce your fuel cost for running the car(s).  This will mean you will be running your car on clean green electricity that you are making directly from your roof.  

From say March to October a 4.0 kWp system can generate up to 10-25kWh of electricity each day.  An electric car depending on your battery size can store 24kWh to 80kWh of electricity.  So, if you work from home you can charge your car between 11am to 3pm you would be generating a significant amount of the electricity your car would need.  Imagine powering your car from your roof!  

The future has arrived and Solar Partner can help you embrace it.