10.0 kWp Solar PV system

The information below is to assist you understand how many kWh a new 10 kWp solar PV system would generate per year.

The system is based on the following factors :- 

27 x Jinko Tiger N-Type 400W Black Mono solar panel

2 x GivEnergy 5kW Hybrid inverter

4 x GivEnergy 8.2kWh LiFePO4 Battery

Every building is unique in design and character and needs to be assessed carefully.  For this purpose we have kept the design at optimal conditions for demonstration purposes  -

Orientation - south 

Pitch - 35 degrees 

Shading - 6%    

Cable length - 30 m

Location - South East

Annual Generation - 10,023  kWh

Ventilation - Panels mounted off roof with ventilation behind panels

Degradation - 20 % over 20 years 

A 10.023 kWp system would typically be installed on schools, office buildings, blocks of flats, large houses, community buildings, agricultural buildings etc. The graph above shows that the electricity generated from the solar PV system is very different during the summer months to that of the winter months.   

Systems of this size are well suited where there is a high energy consumption onsite throughout the year and there is suitable area available.  With high energy demand onsite the vast majority of the PV electricity generated will dramatically offset the need for imported electricity saving the owner considerable amount of money over the life of the system. Furthermore, with the increasing uptake of electric vehicles, electric radiators and Air Conditioning (AC) due to hotter summers electricity demand is only going to increase. 

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